Thursday, September 3, 2015

Texas: 5th Circuit to hear arguments over law banning church support over recalls

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will be hearing arguments on a Texas law that prevented three Texas churches from support recalls against San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, the San Antonio City Council and Houston Mayor Annise Parker. The recalls were over the officials support for gay marriage issues.

The lower court held that the support for the recall was a prohibited political contribution and the church would have had to have formed a super PAC to use money.

Michigan: Recall Benton Township Clerk and Treasurer

The recall against Benton Township Clerk Carolyn Phillips and Treasurer Debbie Boothby after numerous signatures were tossed out. Apparently, the addresses were filled in by others in some signatures and the date was not filled, among other issues. The petitioners needed 781 signatures, they got 662 verified against Boothby and 617 against Phillips.

The recall was over the appointment of a former trustee as township supervisor.

Montana: Petitions refiled against Glacier County treasurer

Here and here is some earlier coverage on the nature of the charges.

California: Lucerne Valley School Board trustee facing recall voted out by fellow board members

The other members of the Lucerne Valley School District Board voted to strip Dawn Turnbull of her seat after she missed three months of meetings. Turnbull is already facing a recall, and the recall will take place notwithstanding this vote.

Myanmar: Push for recall bill


California: Three Golden Valley School Board members ousted

Golden Valley School Board Members Kathleen Crumpton (84% against), John Moseley (76% against) and Carla Neal (89% against) were all voted out of office by large margins. Mona Diaz, Maria Knobloch and Brian Freeman replace them. Turnout ranged from 33-39%.

The issue was the firing of the school's superintendent.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Mexico: Albuquerque School Board facing recall threat

Following a fight that led to the resignation of the former school Superintendent, a parent is now looking to recall six school board members, Don Duran, Peggy Muller-Aragon, Lorenzo Garcia, David Peercy, Analee Maestas and Barbara Petersen, over the $100,000 buyout the superintendent got to resign. A last board member is not being targeted due to his support for their position.

Petitioners would need between 200-1200 signatures to get the recall on the ballot in 110 days. However, New Mexico is a malfeasance standard state, so there will also have to be a showing of cause before a judge -- no easy feat, as we've repeatedly seen.

Arizona: School Superintendent recall starts petition process

This is against Dianne Douglas and they would need a monumental 367,000 verified signatures in 120 days. The chances are very slim that they will get it.

Michigan: East China School District Recall fails clarity hearing

The attempt to recall the East China School Board President James Biewer failed a clarity hearing with the claim that the petition was all opinion. The petition claimed that there was violation of Open Meetings Act and a claim that he censured a member for required military service. Sounds like the petitioner will try again.

Michigan: Three Rivers School Board recall fails verification process

The recall efforts against Three Rivers School Board members President Mike Bosma, trustee Carl Barth and Waneta Truckey for the non renewal of contracts for several administrators has failed. Petitioners needed 1165 signatures each. The group collected 1421 (Truckey), 1404 (Barth) and 1347 (Bosma). However, They only got 1148 verified for Barth and Bosma and 1153 verified for Truckey.

Colorado: Snowmass Village "DUI" recall set for October 13


Massachusetts: Lawrence Mayor facing recall effort

The headline for this piece is "A Lawrence Tradition" as the city went through numerous efforts to oust its most recent mayor William Lantigua. Now, Mayor Dan Rivera (who beat Lantigua in 2013) is facing a recall effort led by a police officer he tried to fire over a pay issue. Petitioner had already collected 300 signatures. Here's more.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Michigan: Two State Reps may face ouster before recall gets moving

Here's more on the two cheating State Reps.

Ohio: Five Upper Arlington Council members facing petitions over park rebuild vote

Five Upper Arlington Council members, John C. Adams, David DeCapua, Kip Greenhill, Debbie Johnson and Don Leach, are facing recall attempts over their push for a $14 million rebuild of Northam Park. One other councilman voted against and a seventh councilman is termed out at the end of the year. Petitioners will need 1989 signatures to get on the ballot.

Friday, August 28, 2015

California: Recall proponents upset over Yuba Supervisor letter, claim violates election law

Yuba County Supervisor Andy Vasquez has been claiming that the recall against him has been launched due to his vote for banning outdoor marijuana cultivation. He sent a rather extreme letter to voters (from someone who claims his cousin was killed due to medicinal marijuana). It is really unclear how the letter violates election law.

Arizona: Chandler Mayor and Councilman facing petitions over power line

Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny (6,378 signatures needed) and Councilman Rick Heumann (5,860 signatures) are facing petitions over a proposal for an above ground power line. It is not clear that the officials have the power to stop the line. Petitions would have to be handed in by December 12.

New Jersey: Cape May recall effort fails

The attempt to recall Cape May Mayor Edward Mahaney failed, as petitioners claimed to be short by 125 -- they needed just under 500 signatures.

Minnesota: No appeal in Willmar Council recall rejection

After the City Attorney rejected the attempt to recall Willmar Councilman Ron Christianson, the backers are abandoning the effort and will not appeal. Petitioners handed in nearly 900 signatures, and needed 737.

Massachusetts: Granby Selectmen open to recall law


Thursday, August 27, 2015

North Dakota: Grant County Commissioner recall abandoned

Petitioners claimed to have collect only half of the 356 signatures that they needed to get Don Roth and Keith Payne on the ballot. The deadline was August 25. The recall seemed to be about transparency and a tax increase.

Michigan: Debate over the removal of the word "fighting" from stadium wall leads to calls for Petoskey school board recall

They apparently painted over the word "fighting" and didn't seem to consult with people. Doesn't look like petitions have been taken out yet.

California: San Ysidro School Board Trustee resigns during recall attempt

San Ysidro School Board Trustee Jose Barakas resigned in the face of a second recall effort against him (the first was in 2013 over a severance package for a former Superintendent). The issue was supporting the superintendent, fiscal decisions and teacher pay cuts.

Florida: Editorial opposes Pasco County push for charter government, including recall


Michigan: Cottrellville Township supervisor case going back to Circuit Court

The case against Supervisor Kelly Fiscelli over violations of open meeting laws has been kicked back to the Circuit Court by the Court of Appeals. Fiscelli is facing a November recall vote.

California: Both replacements resign from Manteca Shool Board over voter fraud charges

Nine months after winning office in a recall both of the replacement Manteca School Board members, Ashley Drain and Alexander Bronson, have resigned, They both faced accusations and felony voter fraud charges that they did not live in the district. Drain is also facing charges over welfare fraud and grand theft.

Philippines: Former Puerto Princesa Mayor protests recall vote

Former Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn is protesting his May recall lost to Lucilo Bayron, claiming that his supporters were harassed. He is asking for a recount and he is looking to run again in 2016.

Arkansas: Group who lead historic 1959 Little Rock School Board recall elected to state's Hall of Fame


Massachusetts: Anson residents to vote on recall law

Anson voters will take up a recall ordinance at a September 22 town meeting. This is following allegations that the tax collector misappropriated $438,712 during her 42 years of elective office.

The recall would require signatures of 10% of gubernatorial turnout.

Massachusetts: Winchester School Board recall being pushed forward

Following the resignation of the principal of Winchester High School (though he claims he neither resigned nor was terminated), the school board is being threatened with recalls. Petitioners would need 200 signatures, with at least 25 from each of the town's 8 precincts.

Colorado: Snowmass Council recall over DUI recommended for October 13


Washington: Recall petitions out on the street against Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Lindquist


Nebraska: Four Neilgh council members face recall

Four Neilgh Council members, Stephanie Wanek, Ted Hughes, Leonard Miller and Dale Wilkinson, are facing recalls, though numbers haven't been released (they needed at least 163 valids). The mayor will not be facing a recall. The issue is the council's vote to annex property.

Oregon: Powers City Councilors face September 29 recall

Powers City Councilors Mearl McDaniel, Jack McDaniel and Joseph George will be facing recalls on September 29, following the handing in of 45 valid signatures. The recall is over the councilors support for a $9 million project to replace the city's out of compliance sewer system.

Colorado: Signature totals on the Jefferson County School Board recall

The verified signatures were 34,188 for John Newkirk, 33,900 for Julie Williams and 33,942 for Ken Witt, all of which got on the ballot. It looks like the failure rate was fairly low, as each had about 37000 signatures handed in against.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Colorado: Recall proponents raising money easily in Jefferson County School Board recall

Looks like they've raised over $200,000 to push for the recall.

New Jersey: Judge rejects Irvington's request to continue delaying issuing recall documents

Not the first time we've seen this problem in NJ, but a Superior Court judge threw out Irvington's bid to kill the recall against Mayor Tony Vauss by refusing to accept the reasons for the recall. The Municipal Clerk claimed that the recall notice was not based on facts. Vauss has been accused of forcing an employee to have sex with him before he took office.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Maine: Signatures verified in Eddington Selectwoman recall

The recall of 19-year Selectwoman (and Chairwoman) Joan Brooks is set to be held on Tuesday, with 116 signatures verified.  The reason cited in the recall is a jumble of malfeasance claims, but according to the report, the actual reason was her support for a rock quarry.