Friday, November 21, 2014

North Dakota: Mapleton Mayor wins recall race

Mapleton Mayor Eric Hillman overwhelming won a recall vote 146-48 against former Councilwoman Carlita Dieta (who lost in June). The recall was led by City Councilman Ryan Johnson, who claimed that Johnson was unprofessional and...

 The mayor was part of a “good ol’ boys” club and gets drunk and starts “talking politics.”

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Canada: Wildrose Party again pushing for recalls in Alberta

Massachusetts: Westminster Board of Health withdraws tobacco proposal

Following recall threats last week, the Westminster  Board of Health withdrew their tobacco sales ban proposal. No word on whether the recall has been pulled. Petitioners will need 800 signatures in 20 days.

Texas: West University Place City Council hit with recall threats

West University Place City Council has been facing recall threats over their plan to seel or swap a maintenance facilities to West University Baptist Church (whose has a deacon serving as a council member who recused himself from the proceedings).

Michigan: Clay Township Clerk failed to file paperwork, leading to IRS liens, recall

Clay Township has now been hit by huge IRS liens due to township Clerk Lisa White's failure to file paperwork. Needless to say, there is a recall against White in the works. She hasn't shown up since Election Day. Petitioner (a township Supervisor) needs 914 signatures in 60 days.

Michigan: Judge okays petition against Flint Township Supervisor

Flint Township Supervisor Karyn Miller is facing petitions, after a Circuit Court judge rejected a claim that the language was insulting. Not clear why it is insulting though. Here's the dispute:

The recall petition against Miller, filed by resident Lavonna Harris, said, "On June 16, 2014, at a regular Flint Township board meeting, Supervisor, Karyn Miller, voted to approve ballot language for the Nov. 4, 2014, election, for a 10-year, 3.85 millage proposal for public safety."
County Treasurer Deb Cherry referred to the petition language as "insulting" after approving it, saying it was a ridiculous reason for a recall.
In Miller's appeal, attorney Mark Newman said the phrase public safety could be misconstrued to mean only police work and there is no "public safety department" for the township.

Wisconsin: Clintonville Alderman loses Election Day recall

Clintonville Alderman Greg Rose lost his Election Day recall, 108-93 against Lois Bressette, who Rose beat for the seat in April 2013 (84-77 at that time). Turnout was 43%. This represented the first recall in Clintonville's history.

The issue was complaints about hostility to business and replacing the municipal attorney. Of note is that the Council refused to accept the recall on September 30 (by a 4-2 vote), but the GAB overruled them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Missouri: University City Council member targeted by recall threats

University City Council Member Stephen Kraft is the target of anonymous flyers claiming a recall campaign.  Not clear what it is about, but the Mayor asked residents not to sign, claiming that it is his April election opponents who is pushing the recall.

Michigan: Pulaski Township Supervisor survives recall rerun

Pulaski Township Supervisor Robert Jones survived his recall election 406-305, beating David White who lost to Jones in 2012 and had filed four petitions to remove Jones (though the petitions were rejected by the election commission). The recall was over Jones' vote to fire the fire chief.

Ohio: New Miami Mayor resigns after recall threats

New Miami Mayor Patti Hanes resigned on November 7 in the face of recall threats over the firing of the police chief (after he allegedly choked a suspect), raises, and upgrades to cars and the removal of red light cameras (by judicial order). She has been in office 7 years.

Louisiana: Claim that Gonzales recall racial motivated


California: Trinity County Supervisors facing petitions

Trinity County supervisors John Fenley and Karl Fisher are facing petitions. Petitioners need 322 and 356 signatures by January 5.

Jamaica: Editorial calls for adoption of the recall


Michigan: Three Elk Rapids Township officials survive recall over township ambulance service outsourcing

Another group of recalls discovered here: Three Elk Rapids Township Supervisor Bill White, Treasurer Michael Szymanski, and trustee Dorance Amo, all survived Election Day recalls over a contract that outsourced the Township's ambulance service.  

Tennessee: Crossville adopts recall with supermajority requirement, petitioner pays for election provision

Crossville overwhelmingly approved a recall law 1728-386 (at the same time as adopting term limits). The recall has some tough provisions, most notably it requires a supermajority of 66% of the vote for the official to be removed. The petitioners need at least 33% of what registered voters to sign, and does not seem to have a lower limit for city council members (though perhaps it is an at large election city).  An even tougher provision requires the petitioners to post a cash bond equivalent to the cost of the election. If the election is held, petitioner pays.

Nebraska: Verdigre Fire Board members ousted on Election Day

Two members of the Verdigre Rural Fire Board were kicked out in an Election Day recall. Duane Liska lost 163-94 and Walton was recalled 155-104.

Massachusetts: Lancaster Town Clerk sends emails calling for selectmen recall

There are allegations that Lancaster Town Clerk Sue Thompson went over the ethical line in sending an email to residents calling for the successful recall Selectmen Susan Smiley and Jean Syria.The question seems to be over how Thompson got the list, which she appears to admit was acquired from work. She apologized -- no word on whether there will be follow up.

North Dakota: Mapleton Mayor up for recall on November 20

Mapleton Mayor Eric Hillman is facing a November 20 recall over accusations of unprofessional conduct. Hillman is in his first term, but has been on boards and the city council. He is facing former City Council member Carlita Diet.o lost in June.

California: ex-Fontana School Board Member who lost recall in 2013, loses county school board race

Leticia Garcia lost her school board seat in 2013. No comeback this year, it seems in her race for the San Bernardino County School Board.

Michigan: Howell School Board members facing petitions over school superintendent firing

Howell school board members Deborah McCormick, Michael Moloney, Stacey Pasini and Mike Yenshaw are all facing petitions over the firing of the school superintendent. He was fired over a $309 mileage request (there was also questions of a car allowance, a laptop and some consulting opportunities).  The other three members of the board are not eligible for a recall vote, as they are in their last year.

In 2010, there was also an attempt to recall Howell School Board members over a firing of the superintendent. That one failed to make the ballot.

Massachusetts: Fall River recall won't have run off, eight candidates in race

No primary, no run-off. Looks like this long running saga will come to a proper conclusion on December 16.

Wisconsin: Calumet Chairman recall axed by GAB over technical issue

The recall against Calumet Town Chairman Michael Endries was stopped by the GAB do to a technical issue of having a form with a column for the printed name of each signer, as required by a new law effective in March. Petitioners handed in over 200 names (they need 162), but they will have to start over. The issue was a claim that Endries was not getting board approval for his actions.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Non-Recall Op-ed: My article on the filibuster for McClatchy

Here it is

Poland: Warsaw Mayor, survivor of last year's recall, comes in first in reelection race, off to runoff

Warsaw Mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, who survived a tough recall battle last year, came in first in her reelection race on Sunday. Gronkiewicz took 48.8%, over 20% more than her rival, but needed 50% to avoid a runoff. The runoff is in two weeks.

Massachusetts: Westminster Board of Health facing recall threats over tobacco ban proposal

Westminister Board of Health members are facing recall threats over a tobacco sales ban proposal, though only two of the members are eligible for recall (the other member's term is up in less than six months. Petitioners would need 800 signatures in 20 days to remove Ed Simoncini and Peter Munro.

More here at the NYT.

New Mexico: Three Las Cruces City Councilors facing recalls

Three city councilors, Nathan Small, Gill Sorg, and Olga Pedroza are facing petitions over alleged illegal political campaigning using public resources, though it may be about a minimum wage raise fight. 10% of registered voters signatures are needed in 60 days.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Michigan: Raisin Township and Lenawee County officials facing recalls

Raisin Township Supervisor Jay Cavanaugh, Lenawee County Executive township clerk Betty Holdridge, treasurer Kami Johnson and trustees Larry Crittenden, Tom Hawkins, Deb Brousseau and Dale Mitchell over the purchasing of a fire truck without competitive bids and eliminating the citizens comment period at the end of board meetings.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Michigan: Plymouth Supervisor facing recall files recalls against three trustees to highlight recall law

Petitions have been approved against Plymouth Township Trustees Michael Kelly and Bob Doroshewitz, though the one against Trustee Chuck Curmi was rejected on clarity grounds. Six of the seven board members are now facing petitions. The petitions were filed by Supervisor Richard Reaume (who oddly is mentioned as not going to collect signatures). Reaume is claiming that he is doing this to highlight the looseness of Michigan's recall law.

 Petitioner need 3,200 signatures.  Perhaps not coincidentally, Reaume also faces a recall effort, along with Clerk Nancy Conzelman, Treasurer Ron Edwards and Trustee Kay Arnold,

California: West Contra Costa school trustees facing recall threats

West Contra Costa school district trustees are facing recall threats over their vote to approval $485,000 in legal fees after the SEC launched and investigation into the district's $1.6 billion bond program.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Massachusetts: Petitions handed in against four Sagus Selectmen

Signatures were handed in for the recall of four Saugus Selectmen, Chairman Ellen Faiella, Maureen Dever, Stephen Castinetti and Paul Allan. Petitioners handed in over 5400 per person. They need 4,452 per (25% of registered voters). The issue was the board's 4-1 vote to remove the Town Manager. 

Arizona: Superintendent of Public Instruction facing immediate recall threats before taking office

After her recent close (17,000 vote) victory, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction-elect Diane Douglas (R) is already facing calls on a Facebook page for her recall. The issue is obviously not about her actual governing (as she's not in office yet). Petitioners cannot start gathering signatures until she's been in office six months. The "sour grapes" recalls are not uncommon (Omaha's mayor in 2011 is one example).

They would need approximately 363,462 signatures, which of course is more than has been gathered for a recall for any position, except the California Governor, Wisconsin Governor and LG.