Friday, April 17, 2015

Massachusetts: Dracut Selectman facing recall threats over possible neglect of horse

Dracut Selectman Cathy Richardson, who stepped down as chair of the board, is being threatened with a recall over her treatment of three horses. Petitioners would need more than 2000 signatures.

Oregon: Petitions filed against three legislators over background checks

Three Democratic legislators are now facing recalls, House Majority Leader Val Hoyle, Senator Chuck Riley and Representative Susan McLain (the former two are both first-termers). Riley received money from Michael Bloomberg's pro gun-control group. Should have more on this next week.

New Mexico: Lawsuit filed over Las Cruces signature verification process

Here -- the recalls did not get to the ballot, so we'll see if a court has anything to say about it.

Arizona: Facebook and the School Superintendent recall effort

The recall can't even start till July. As I've discussed before, this recall is extremely unlikely to go anywhere (too many signatures needed).

Canada: Editorial on misuse of the recall

Here -- though its hard to make much of the claim, as the article notes no recalls have gotten on the ballot

Hawaii: Hawaii County mayor facing petitions over credit card charges

Mayor Billy Kenoi is facing recall threats over charges that he billed $30K in personal expenses on a county credit card. The recall would require signatures of 25% of voters, plus it would have to surmount the minority turnout veto -- 50% of the voters from the last election would have to vote for the recall to count.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

California: Two Manteca School Board Trustees facing petition threats

Two newly elected Manteca School Board Trustees Ashley Drain and Alexander Bronson are facing a threatened petition by former board member (and former Stockton council member) Dale Fritchen over claims that they made false statements in election forms (the issue is over an address that they filled in); and declaring that they had no income and that they were educators.

Canada: British Columbia MLA facing recall petitions

British Columbia MLA Richard Lee is facing a recall threat over an underfunded hospital needing seismic upgrading and a failure take a stand on a pipeline expansion. Petitioner would need 16,494 signatures.

Michigan: Raisin Township recall effort fails

The attempt to recall Raisin Township Supervisor Jay Cavanugh, clerk Betty Holdridge, Treasurer Kami Johnson and trustees Larry CRittenden, Tom Hawkins, Deb Brousseau and Dale Mitchell all failed. Petitioners needed to hand in 590 signatures -- none were handed in. The issue was a board fight over the purchase of an ambulance.

California: Golden Valley Board of Education Trustees face upcoming recalls

Three Golden Valley Board of Education Trustees, John Moseley, Carla Neal and Kathleen Crumpton, look like they will be facing recalls over the firing of a superintendent. The date of the recall hasn't been set yet.

Read more here:

New Jersey: Netcong Board of Education president pressure with recall threats

100 signatures have been gathered against Netcong Board of Ed President Bernadette Dalesandro over cuts coming from a $127K shortfall. Two of the petitioners lost in races for the Netcong board in the past.The petition has not been filed yet, so this is more of a test case -- petitioners would need 1800 signatures.

Arizona: Oro Valley recall continues -- petitions to go on until April 25

Recall petitions against Oro Valley Mayor Satish Hiremath and councilmembers Lou Waters, Joe Hornat and Mary Snider are proceeding. The issue is the town purchase of a country clib and gold courses -- organizers of the drive are still waiting to hear if the Arizona Supreme Court will take their case on a complaint that the town should not have stopped a referendum which would have killed the purchase. The referendum failed because of a serial number.

UK: Welsh national party calls for recall law


Texas: Just ousted Hearne councilwoman dies

Maxine Vaughn, who just lost her seat on March 3, died of cancer

Oregon: House Majority Leader facing petitions over background checks legislation

House Majority Leader Val Hoyle (D) is facing a recall petition filed by a gun shop owner (and chairman of Junction City planning commission) over her support for background checks and short-term drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants.The firearms federation has said that there may be five senators and a number of state representatives who will face petitions over their vote.

Petitioners need about 3600 signatures (15% of votes for governor in the district) by July 13. Oregon has an interesting statute that prevents recalls in the first six months of a term for most officials, but the clocks starts for state legislators five days into the session.

The article claims that no legislator has ever been recalled in Oregon. This is incorrect -- there were successful recalls in 1935, 1985 and 1988 (unfortunately, my old article on the Oregonian recall -- which bizarrely has the op-ed editor's byline -- is not available anymore). Oregon also does not have a replacement election -- a new legislator is picked by the county commission, so that adds a whole other layer to the fight.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Phillipines: Puerto Princesa Mayoral recall requires more ballot boxes

The upcoming Puerto Princesa mayoral recall is already facing technical difficulties, as there are reports that they have run out of ballot boxes.

Colorado: Fort Collins approves recall amendment


Michigan: Benton Harbor mayor runs for reelection

After numerous attempts to recall him, James Hightower will be running for reelection against one of the candidates who tried to run in the proposed recall

Philippines: 72.7% signatures rejected in Bualcan Governor recall

181,201 out of 249,177 signatures were invalidated in the recall against Bualcan Governor Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado (72.7%). At least three of the signers were dead. Petitioners need 183,000 signatures to get the recall on the ballot.

Louisiana: Thibodaux City Council trying to force councilman to resign, recall considered

Councilman Chip Badeaux is being pressured to resign after pleading guilty to a federal misdemeanor over shooting ducks. A recall is a possibility, but petitioners would need 33% of registered voters (3020 signatures).

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Colorado: Colorado Springs Councilwoman survives recall

Councilwoman Helen Collins survived the recall, 55-45%. Turnout was 39%.

Washington: State Auditor facing recall petitions

State Auditor Troy Kelley is facing petitions filed by a former state legislator and seeming political gadfly. The recall is over the hiring of a business associate who has been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury. The petition also claims that Kelley violated state law (a necessary prerequisite for a recall in Washington) by living in Tacoma instead of Olympia.

The recall was filed by Will Knedlik, who was apparently disbarred as an attorney. Petitioner would need something on the order of 700,000 signatures to get on the ballot.

New Jersey: State Senate facing petitions over gun control law

New Jersey state Senate President Stephen Sweeney is facing recall threats over gun control issues. This is the second recall petition filed against Sweeney this month. Petitioners claim that Sweeney promised to kill a magazine limit bill and then changed his mind after the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre.

Sweeney does not seem scared by the threat and for good reason -- NJ has a very tough recall law, and has not had a state-level recall get on the ballot. Petitioners would need 34,808 signatures in 160 days (25% of registered voters).

New Mexico: Column asks -- Could litigation be next in Las Cruces recall? Yes, yes it will (provided someone pays)

Here -- Peter Goodman wrote the op-ed piece. He notes that he may be the lawyer on some of the questions, and he asks some good ones.

Florida: Signatures handed in for second stage of Bradenton Beach Mayor

123 signatures were handed in second stage of the recall of Bradenton Beach Mayor William Shearon. Petitioners need 115. There could be three votes -- a vote on the recall, a replacement race and a follow-up November 3 election. Shearon promises to run in all of them.

Michigan: Greenleaf Township Supervisor up for recall on May 5

Greenleaf Township Supervisor Kirk Winter will be facing a recall on May 5 -- with two challengers including a Township trustee (Randy Schuette) and Rodney Mazure. The issue is the purchase of a new township hall without board approval (It seems more a question of timing -- it was later approved).

New Mexico: Editorial criticizes Las Cruces recall


Phillipines: Puerto Princesa recall scheduled for May 8

The recall of Puerto Princesa Mayor Lucilo Bayron has been scheduled for May 8, which will just be under the deadline (they can't hold a recall within one year of the May 9 elections). 22,326 signatures were upheld out of 32,418. Comelec (the election commission) is looking at the high number of invalids.

n an effort to avoid being caught by the one-year prohibition for recall elections, the Commission on Elections is looking to conduct on May 8 such a process for the mayoral post of Puerto Princesa in Palawan.

The law bars Comelec from holding recall elections within one year before the May 9, 2016 local and national polls.

“The en banc is setting the recall elections on May 8. The calendar of activities is just being finalized,” Comelec spokesman James Jimenez said Tuesday.

Last week, the poll body had declared the number of valid signatures in the recall petition filed by Al Roben Go against Puerto Princesa Mayor Lucilo Bayron was sufficient to merit the holding of such a recall election.

The local Comelec office in Puerto Princesa had determined that 22,326 signatures validated - out of 32,418 signatures on the petition - were valid.  This finding was upheld by the Comelec en banc.

Meanwhile, the Comelec will still investigate the presence of 10,092 invalid signatures on the petition, describing as “disturbing and worrisome" that "such a substantial number of invalid signatures have been presented before the commission to support the recall petition

Florida: Signatures gathered in Panama City Beach

Petitioners have gathered 1,017 signatures on a proposed recall of city officials if more Spring Break regulations aren't enacted. I'm not clear what these signatures are for -- they would presumably need an official petition to get moving.

Non-Recall op-ed: NY's political resurgence

Here's this piece, highlighting how NY may be coming back to the leadership of the political world.

Missouri: My article on Recall effort against mayor in Missouri Lawyers Weekly


Friday, April 3, 2015

Missouri: Former Piper School Board member looks to regain seat

Chris McCord, who lost the School Board Presidency to a recall in 2002, is looking for a come-back.

North Carolina: House approves recall bill of Stanly Court Board of Education

The House passed a bill (introduced by Representative Justin Burr) allowing for the recall of Stanly County's Board of Education, which took off after the closing of three schools. A bill was also passed to allow partisan election of school board members. The replacements would be appointed, not elected.

Wisconsin: Franklin Alderwoman facing recall threats over support for apartment complex

Alderwoman Janet Evans (and acting school board president) is being portrayed as the wicked witch for supporting an apartment complex. Petitioners can only stat collecting after April 15, and need 741 signatures in 60 days.

Florida: Panama City residents start threatening recalls over spring break

Here -- they are starting to collect non-specific signatures

Michigan: Chippewa County Sheriff facing recall

Chippewa County Sherrif Robert Savoie is facing a recall effort led by the person he defeated in his 2012 election. The claim is that Savoie used public funds to pay personal legal fees and abused power. Looks like Savoie overwhelmingly won that 2012 race.

New Mexico: Las Cruces recall fails to get signatures

The recall effort against two Las Cruces council members failed. City Council member Gill Sorg failed. Petitioners needed 1091 signatures. 923 were found valid. It's not clear how many signatures were handed in -- the city allow a second wave of signatures, but that didn't work.

The recall against City Council member Olga Pedroza is also facing the same trouble, as petitioners need 363 more signatures to get on the ballot. They handed petitions in today.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Canada: Expanded piece on MLA recall effort


Phillipines: Puerto Princesa Mayor recall to proceed


New Jersey: Mahwah Mayor facing petitions over firings, cursings

Mahwah Mayor Bill  Laforet is facing petitions over claims that he oversteps his role by, among other things, firing the Public Works Director over porn on a computer and flipping off and cursing at colleagues. Petitioners need about 4,000 valids to get on the ballot.

Florida: Miami Lakes odd battle for mayor leads to recall discussion

One mayor was suspended after he was indicted. Now, he's been acquitted and wants the job back -- time for a mayor vs. mayor standoff.

Ohio: Attempt to recall East Cleveland Mayor fails

Another attempt against East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton failed, with petitioners handing in only 377 valids. 298 signatures were found invalid and another 53 were considered "unacceptable." Petitioners needed 559.

This was the third failed attempted against Norton. Here's an interview who was helping the recall effort.

Massachusetts: Attempt to recall MIT Undergraduate Association President fails